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Shasing Shapheng Printing & Dyeing

Add: Wu Bao Industry-Area, Shishi,

         Fujian, China.

Tel: +86-595-88922222

Fax: +86-595-88985888

Zip Code: 362700

Website: www.cqhyyz.com

CEO's Note

Boat expedition Miles

China has 1.3 billion people, of course, be a textile consumption big country, people's living standards continue to rise naturally created a huge consumption potential of textiles, together with the international community's growing reliance on cheap Chinese textile products, which, as textile, printing and dyeing, Chinese textile and garment processing chain to create unlimited business opportunities. We are known as an innovative product, quality products known Chinese professional fabric dyeing and sales of large enterprises in the domestic industry enjoyed a good business reputation.

Since 1996 to now, in a strong management team under the leadership focus on pioneering knitted fabrics, dyed woven fabric finishing and marketing services, has unique advantages in product development, quality control, service and other aspects, won the majority of customer recognition.

We bring to [self] the benefit of society as the core concept, adhere to corporate social returns parallel construction and development and become Quanzhou, Shishi City [key industrial enterprises] and [] advanced enterprises, and also elected [international brands enterprise development].

Today, CO-PROSPER is moving to become the world leader in textile printing and dyeing industry, the goal of marching! We will face new professional business, standing in front of our customers, for customers to bring newer, better, and more unique products!

Thank you!

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