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Shasing Shapheng Printing & Dyeing

Add: Wu Bao Industry-Area, Shishi,

         Fujian, China.

Tel: +86-595-88922222

Fax: +86-595-88985888

Zip Code: 362700

Website: www.cqhyyz.com


Talent strategy is the core strategy of an enterprise. The main strategical resource is talents besides equipments and capital. On one hand, the main body of an enterprise is human. It is human that has implemented production and business and all the reforms in the enterprise. On the other hand, the objectives of an enterprise are different consumers, so meeting markets means investigating the needs of people and exploring the regions of their demands.

Enterprises should emphasize not only on products but also on talents. Respecting talents' work and motivating their potential should be the standing point of any enterprise. For ten more years, Xiefeng Xiesheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. Group Co., Ltd. (XXDFC) has put scientific talents strategy into the whole process of its development.

The 21st century is totally involved in knowledge economy and net economy and it especially requires the talents with higher comprehensive quality. So we can say if you have gained superior talent, you will have gained your market share. We firmly believe the implementation of talents strategy will lead our traditional industries including textile industry to a healthy and efficient road and meet a promising future.

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