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Shasing Shapheng Printing & Dyeing

Add: Wu Bao Industry-Area, Shishi,

         Fujian, China.

Tel: +86-595-88922222

Fax: +86-595-88985888

Zip Code: 362700

Website: www.cqhyyz.com

Enterprise's philosophy: Share in trouble Go on an expedition for miles and miles
Key idea: Develop oneself Benefit the society
Enterprise spirit: Professional dedication Specialty Enterprising spirit
Enterprise style of work: There is no excuse but result
Enterprise morals: Honesty Show friendliness
Development strategy: Bravery in enterprise and do well in keeping Two-way seek
Team sense: All strength plough together Cooperation creates prosperity and abundance
Manpower attitudes: Manpower first and then talent Purify sand into gold
Market idea: Better attract than impose
Scientific and Technical thought: Want the future from science and technology
Develop from innovation
Service principle: Would rather be hurt and wronged one's own Never treat the customer unfairly
Management idea: Autonomy better than heteronomy Consciousness better than regulation
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